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Tech Discussion-01| Surface Web | Deep Web | Dark Web | (English)

Web sites on the internet are divided into three categories:

1.Surface web
2.Deep Web
3.Dark Web

Surface Web: 
Surface web is what we usually browse on the internet.The part of internet that is available to the general public.For example,if want to search something,go to Google.com.Search result.There are millions of results come and thousands of web sites link come in.So many results are found sites are found these exits on surface web.Because those web sites are made for normal people.Anybody can visits those sites can surf those sites.These sites are indexed  in search engines like google.com,pipilika.com.The search engines added those sites to their result.For example website of different news paper,recreational website,sports live score website etc.These sites are all on the surface web.These sites are made for the general people like you and me.Anyone can surf can download different things.

Do you know?If search something in the search engines,we can see as many millions of results as the whole internet is only 5% of the world.Then think once again the rest 95% have more.

The remaining 95% of what we can not see are part of the deep web.

Deep Web:
Deep web is the web where everyone can not go surfing.Hide from the public.Try to understand yourself by yourself.Suppose you open a website.This site has a that you don't want to show to everyone.You don't want to see your page in the search engine.Try to understand the simplest way.Ideally you have created a website for your business organization.Here you have created different page for your customers.Keeping all that is important.But you have created a page that stores your employees information,or business account,which you don't want to open to public.Only your employee can see your hidden page by giving their user name and password.And those page will not be available in any way if search on Google.Because the page is not indexed on google or search engines.Suppose your employee know the URL of the page only then they can enter the page.The pages can be hidden as well.Similar websites can also be hidden,which can not be found on the search engine search.Who know the address of the website only they can enter .If you have a secret picture stored in the online cloud storage store such as Google Drive or Drop Box you will not want any day that your picture can see anyone.Only when you give the URL of your picture to anyone from cloud store then he will it.This means your picture is on Deep Web.Anyone who searches the image in the search engine will not find it.All the governments confidential information is stored on deep web.        

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